How to activate a vision board ?

Vision board is mentioned in the film "The Secret" and is a visual representation of your personal vision.
This is a board on which you can paste pictures of your vision and how you see your life in the future, pictures tell a story. The life story of your future. You can put any picture as long as it tells you something or prod you into action or make you feel any good feeling.
A good feeling of expansion leads to more feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment needs and enjoyment.
You can made vision boards to several areas in life: marriage / family / career / financial / relationships etc.
Our brain works in pictures and grasp better images of pictures than letters and words so you may use more pictures and less words .
Upgraded vision board – since learning is best done by movement  you can film the vision board ,put music you love, photos / videos who gives you good feeling to which  aspires you. For example landscapes, we want to visit, types of relationships with people we want to experience, funny clips to experience pleasure  and every idea that comes to your mind!
Activate   vision board  / synchronization reality – the difference between reality and a vision board is that reality is the present  and  a vision  board is the future, we want to create a future for us that appears in our vision.
When we look at the vision board and creating our own movement we start the synchronization between the present and the future.
Movement  can be anything appealing to the body. Dance, movement   back and forth, infinity walk ,  crosses  SOS clip and all that comes to your mind. It is important   to listen to your body and see what movement is arising out of it, the movement would constitute a bridge for you between the present  and the future.

Good luck

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