From Slavery to Freedom

The process of creating a human being combines two immensely powerful forces: The feminine energy of Mother Earth (the egg) and the masculine energy of Father Heaven (the seed). The egg and sperm separate from their sisters and brothers creating an embryo together . This process shows us that in order to create a new unity, we must disengage from a previous state. We face many difficulties and challenges in giving up something in order to create something else.

We hate to give up something to gain something else and we love to get it both ways, so that we benefit without having to give up something in return.

But life has its own means and as we proceed up the spiral of awareness we go through a variety of experiences that are encoded in us as “difficult separations” or “splits” and we do not see the benefit that this promotes, at least in the early stages. We see this pain purely as suffering and not as the pain of growth.

For example, a father arrives 10 minutes late to collect his son from kindergarten. Those minutes seem an eternity to his son. The child experiences a sense of abandonment, fear and horror more strongly than ever.

It doesn’t matter to him that his father went to buy him the toy he asked for, or that he was working late to provide for the family. He needs reassurance that he is nourished by the source of life and that he is not about to die.

Once the child experiences a harsh separation it is very difficult to turn back the clock. The experience of an initial separation of the child’s body is translated into: “I am rejected”, “I am abandoned”, “nobody loves me”, “I’m not safe”, “I’m not sure”, “no one is considering me”, etc.

The subconscious begins to throw the fear around the child’s body uncontrollably and the celebration begins, resulting in rising levels of frustration, helplessness, anger, disappointment and loneliness etc.

The example above can be understood as a particular encoding that leads to a certain emotion that causes a certain reaction, and further, more, a certain belief, and a particular form of behavior that follows.

This behavior brings difficulties that might emerge only after several years. The experience of detachment from our life source makes us slaves.

Keep in mind that experience is encoded at varying levels. Some children experience a higher threat level because the experience has been added to the accumulation of previous experiences in the child’s memory, or because the child is more sensitive, and possibly because fewer cases of powerful similar encoding have accrued before.

Difficulties may arise from the experience like fears, phobias, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, fertility problems, difficulty in trusting and intimacy problems and more. Any change in our lives, even an invited one, relates to severance and forces us to give up the past for the future, and although we are trying to live in the present, we are still very connected to the past and we fear for the future in a certain way.

What is crucial for certainty?  Unity and Connection.

The male and female energies that we are composed of are opposite but complementary energies, and any significant experience is critical for us because it can change the level of one or both of the energies.

An example of the disconnection of Mother Earth and feminine energy is when moving to live in another place. Home is a symbol of mother earth. When we change where we live we need to reconnect with the stability we had before. A change in our marital status is a disconnection of the energy of Father Heaven. Marital status usually symbolizes the Father Heaven energy.

We as humans face greater challenges in experiencing connection and unity when we experience a disconnection of the 2 energies symbolized life .

We are created by connection and unity. Expectant mothers should have a healthy pregnancy with all the happiness and calmness in the world, but this rarely happens… When the woman feels any kind of major emotional pressure, it becomes imprinted in her baby’s subconscious and contributes to those “splits” ).

In birth, we experience an initial separation from the cozy womb that hosted us for 9 months and made sure that all our needs, such as warmth and nourishment, were provided for immediately. When we are born our parents are given the responsibility of taking the place of the womb and taking care of all our needs, but, and here comes the big BUT,…. they always screw up and do not always know how to fulfill all our immediate needs. The most sensitive parents also make mistakes and we experience disconnections that make us feel Primal Fear.

This initial feeling, when processed incorrectly and misunderstood causes secondary emotions of fear that can come as a reaction of disappointment, frustration, loneliness, anger, etc. These emotions become our very close friends and accompany us throughout our lives.

Our goal is to create the initial connection and heal the wounds that we experienced early in our life. The point is that if we leave the wounds, and the energy of life is blocked, the wounds will grow more and more. Our body and levels of consciousness will appeal to endless situations and people to try to heal the wounds.

If there is no flow in our lives, no happiness and satisfaction and love (connection), there is a wound. And in the language of emotion, there is a lack of understanding, a lack of acceptance and most importantly, a lack of forgiveness mostly for ourselves.

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