What is present 4 life?

We are born with life energy called by the Chinese "Qi"
Qi flows in channels within the body called meridians and they nourish and supply life energy to all organs.
When there is a problem it is likely because there is a block in the natural flow of that life energy. We can experience that as pain, discomfort or any emotional block that can be manifested in all fields of life.
With energetic treatment we can open the blockage and allow the normal and natural flow of Qi and therefore a healthy body.

How does the diagnosis is made?
Diagnosis is done by a method called kinesiology, (muscle test). Which allows asking the sub – conscious or the body a "Yes or No questions" and receiving accurate information about the causes and reasons for the phenomena which it suffers.
The answers are received by muscle test which conduct when the therapist press a light pressure on the outstretched hand (shoulder height) of the patient. If the hand is weaken by the pressure the answer is negative, if the hand is strong the answer is positive.
In any case that is relevant patient information and drawing conclusions is based on this information and not on the therapist's opinions or guess.
The treatment is made by a variety of techniques such as tapping lightly on the acupuncture points (taken from the Chinese medicine), light therapy or additional aids on energy centers, and other techniques all of which are "user friendly."

What is it good for?
The method is specialized in a wide range of emotional difficulties such as anxiety, phobias, feeling that things do not work out, depression, stress, behavioral and learning disorders in children and many others in all fields of life.
We can also diagnose and treat a variety of physical problems such as allergies, skin problems of all kinds, migraines, digestive problems, asthma, throat infections and ears (even chronic) and other diseases that the conventional medicine has  difficulty to deal with them effectively.
We can help a wide range of physical and emotional problems because as we know all physical problem is based on a strong rooted emotional basis.

At what age can you start?
In fact it can be treated in infants from birth. In such cases the diagnosis (muscle test) is done through the parent. Treatment does not hurt the children and they are ready to accept it without resistance.

This technique can treat an embryo from 3-month pass.
This technique can handle very efficiently on the previous incarnations. Often we come with "Inprints" from the past lives that interrupt our current life so it is desirable to release them from our subconscious.

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