The attraction of Similarities

How many times in your life have events occurred that supposedly had no reason? How many times have things happened to you when it wasn’t your fault?
How many times did you wake up in the morning knowing that since you got up on the wrong side of the bed your day will continue to be off? Just like trouble that comes in bundles…
So before you rush to point an accusing finger toward the outside world, stop for a moment.
Take a deep breath, relax and observe.
Take a look inside yourself: what inner place could have caused all these occurrences?  What is it inside you that may have attracted all these specific outer events in this manner?
One of the main principles of the book of changes – The  I.Ching – is based on the principle of “What is inside is outside”, the attraction of similarities.
This means that if you get into a state such as anger, frustration or fear you create a situation around you that feeds these reactions. Your feelings will be justified and you will increasingly encounter these reactions.  Another example: If you show up for an interview afraid of rejection, you will use that feeling to work against yourself and most likely you will be turned down for the job.
Then of course you will hear in your head the chant “the whole world’s against me”. Remember, when you point a blaming finger at “someone else” one finger is pointed to them and the three are pointed to you…you should understand by now that the responsibility is actually yours and yours alone.
I am not using the word “fault” because this is not the issue. The issue is about taking responsibility for your inner self.
The moment an inner change occurs it automatically triggers a change on the outside
Have do you make an inner change?  If you do so you’ll immediately see that things have changed on the outside and you are the king of the road. If you do not see a change in the outer world, keep looking inward to change your inner self.
The moment you take responsibility and become aware of your inner make up you will be able to read and understand the signals the universe is sending you and you can use them to your advantage. You will accept the present moment and the now, and “I make belief …” won’t exist.
The universe is one big reflection to what is really happening to our inner selves.
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